no woman who is so god fearing and christain should have to tolerate this abuse


like I am 50 I wanted a husband and child back in 20s and made that clear . I can’t help it if there just so many stupid men who prefer night club drugged out drunken sluts over girls who stay at home more making house and cleaning and doing home maker duties to help their mothers . seriously once a upon a time men sort that kind of girl who did the garden, looked after her health, cleaned and cooked for the mother sometimes, looked after the younger kids in extend familes and go to college. there is nothing to be ashamed of dojing those things. I can’t help it that as a size 6 or 8 I still didn’t want to be a stripper and felt I had no talent to do that and my goals in life were more on the wholesome side apart from a few disgressions. I can’t help that I was more the traditional girl looking for a man. When they remade the song “its raining men alllaluha ” I thought great I need a real man for once to compliment everything about me. what is wrong with studying and go out occasionally but not being a hooker or stripper or whatever and as a shyer person its part of my nature to be more shy to initiate sex. a man should pick up on those things and be kind. warm and loving. it is the best move a man can ever make choosing a sensible love over a dumb drunken brawling whore that gets around whoring all the time. its not about judging or labels its about being likeable to yourself.

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2 thoughts on “no woman who is so god fearing and christain should have to tolerate this abuse

  1. random man

    sorry you feel like that.
    im not a woman but lately ive been feeling similar to what you say but from a man point of view.
    you say you are a woman of god, im not catholic anymore but im spiritual.
    when i was thinking about my anger and blamkng me, my luck, the world, for not finding an appropiate partner i remembered the passage for John 9 (jesus cures a blind man). and sometimes i feel this is how it was meant to be.
    i dont believe one’s primary relationship to god should be fear. maybe love faith and respect is more helpful.
    also heard jordan peterson talking abaout cain and abel. and i thought ‘i feel a bit unlucky like cain’, maybe its my opportunity to redeem cain by not killing my sibling(s).

  2. Anonymous

    im sad for you. it must feel very bad.

    in case you really wanna know why:
    im a man, and i like family woman, i always wanted a good partner.

    i dont like slutty women or casual sex (though having good sex with my partner is important), and i wanted to find a good woman to have family with.
    but nowadays things are crazy. its really scary to approach a woman she might accuse you of harrasment.
    and divorce is horrendous, and some dont diveorce but make your life hell.
    anyway life for shy introverted people is really hard nowadays.


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