Nonchalant Reds


I will never understand why my generation thinks communism is a great idea. On one end, we complain that the government and wealthy abuse their power and take advantage of all of us. Yet, on the other, we advocate for a system that gives the government even MORE power and control. Ironically, there are a plethora of examples relating to the failures of communism; Chinese genocide, people starving in Venezuela, etc. Why is it that Gen Z is incapable of widening its worldview to include the mistakes of our predecessors? Those advocating for communism have little to no understanding of economics or history. Even worse, changing the current system will only be accomplished with bloodshed. Is it truly worth it? Why can’t we take advantage of today’s current system, which allows us to participate in government affairs actively? Instead of repeating past mistakes, why can’t we repeat past victories like progressivism in the 20th century? Our market-based economy gives us the privilege of uniting to solve these issues. Yet, we want the convenient solution of providing all the responsibility to the government rather than taking it on ourselves. Without any personal sacrifice, there can be no victories.

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