Oath & Curse


I confess before God almighty as a whiteness that if the following oath is not true then it will become a curse and will happen anyway.
Oath/promise/swear/vow/curse is as follows and will be for the rest of our lives…
In secret, I give myself to my best friend (of whom I grew up with who lived around the corner from me in the flesh, (about 100 meters) and went to the same schools) as a slave if i fantasise or watch porn etc. and he can partake in real life if he chooses too. Let it always be clean. No abominations. And we Cannot die of envy. He is given power over all my fantasy and my will regarding this particular weakness. I also beckon him in secret and he cannot tell anyone if he hears the call. no one can know anything that is happening at anytime about anything. it is hid from all sight of any sort, just this oath & curse bound anonymously. Just him and my wife and me always present or not at all. He has absolute power, the greatest man in history to us to ever walk the face of the earth and ever will be, but it is only in secret. No one can know. He must also accept this oath to partake. Let all be safe from our venture and remain unharmed. May we not interfere in anyway with others. Let us be truly hidden. Let God almighty govern this oath before him that I have made and the secret details written on instagram, and that we might find mercy and grace in his sight despite our weaknesses and our sins which so easily beset us. Oh wretched man that I am, save me from the body of this death! May we also raise our Children correctly as God sees fit to protect them from our weakness. May all readers who have read any part of this, thus respect our privacy before the one who sees all iniquity of man under heaven, lest the Lord be wroth upon them and their shame be uncovered & and they be Judged for Judging hearts, not actions. God as our Witness, every idle word spoken will be one day Judged, i state I must be telling the truth for this will come to pass as a curse anyway if I would be lying. Once this is posted it is in effect! May The God of all Truth and kindness and goodness and long suffering have mercy on our souls. Amen! Amen! Amen!

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