on humanity cancer


Reading Georges Lakhovsky on semi-circular canals we are again reminded of the idea that self-destructive impulses of humanity might be promoted by the animal kingdom (2022-04-24). Human civilization is a source of electromagnetic pollution, which seems invisible to homids but is quite painful to some of the other species.

It fits very well with the scenario suggested to us: for humans to concentrate in cities, to eat the insects and not the grazing animals meat (provided the horrible conditions that technology now makes available to the corrupted commerce, where animals live and die standing in their cell, liquid-fed by machines, or where animals are genetically modified into helpless meat-sprouting monsters), to make a human sensitive to its own poison with the metal jabs.

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1 thought on “on humanity cancer

  1. Anonymous

    “Curse God and die!” (Job 2:9)
    This injunction, to curse God, has been visiting us for some years now. We’ve been playing with the idea that it is an echo of a suicidal ideation in the Godhead (cf. https://www.reddit.com/r/Psychonaut/comments/xvnnp5/living_and_dying_with_a_mad_god/), and if we would narrow the Godhead to the human collective unconscious, then it might be so,
    but then again, when humanity is a cancer, this thought is likely a form of auto-immunity. The idea is, of course, to isolate the tumour and induce a necrosis.


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