on new earth?


Have only just figured that the pixel rendering exercise can be likened to the “mustard seed” of [Luke 13:19](https://biblehub.com/luke/13-19.htm), Mark 4:31, etc. We’re starting at a very small scale in order to obtain a sharp, vivid, unmistakable and rapid feedback. And *that* – opens a door to all kinds of phenomena.

In Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny there is a moment where, having been pulled back from nirvana, Sam “*would sit for an hour, unmoving, staring at a pebble or a seed or a leaf*” .. “*in an effort to bind himself. He seeks within it an excuse to live. He tries once more to wrap himself within the fabric of Maya, the illusion of the world*”.

In Deus Irae by Dick and Zelazny there is a small spirit Ho On. “*What a silly name, he thought: Ho On. A silly name for a transitory, breakable pot.*” And in the Exegesis Dick explains that Ho On is a “*Greek for I AM, a title of God*”. In this humorous manner, a small and simple seed can be a key to the Yggdrasil.

We can draw a comparison with two men.
One of them had a map on the wall, showing the Mercator likeness of Earth. He would stay home, or else go about his business, visiting no more than a tiniest speck of that map.
Another one might have been described by Chesterton:

the man who landed (armed to the teeth and talking by signs) to plant the British flag on that barbaric temple which turned out to be the Pavilion at Brighton, felt rather a fool. I am not here concerned to deny that he looked a fool. But if you imagine that he felt a fool, or at any rate that the sense of folly was his sole or his dominant emotion, then you have not studied with sufficient delicacy the rich romantic nature of the hero of this tale. His mistake was really a most enviable mistake; and he knew it, if he was the man I take him for. What could be more delightful than to have in the same few minutes all the fascinating terrors of going abroad combined with all the humane security of coming home again? What could be better than to have all the fun of discovering South Africa without the disgusting necessity of landing there?

On the outside, both of them are seemingly mobile. But on the inside, one of them stays bound to a map, while another one makes a small step into unknown and by a happy accident rediscovers the Earth (Mat 5:5).

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