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# 2022-09-23

What is “new heaven” (Revelation 21) if not a different structuring of the spirits?
“*Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, and a house divided against a house will fall*” He said.. speaking from experience. For His kingdom has fallen. We can see it readily from the “class war” of spirits, some of which were branded “demons” and some – “angels”.

cf. 2022-05-15:

Всю ночь до рассвета
На кухне пьёт водку старый солдат,
Он пьёт и мечтает
Ещё хоть бы раз в руки взять автомат.
От собственной тени
Бежал без оглядки в пустыню Фома,
Решив отдохнуть,
В ту же секунду сошёл он с ума.
(Addis Abeba)

A system breaks (“сошёл он с ума”) when an organizing principle is lost (“решив отдохнуть”).

What is the present reality drama if not an experiment in self-organization. Would the spirits find it in themselves to restore the Kingdom? Would humanity find it in itself to become a Body?

A new organizing principle is long being called for. One that would bring into a different light the old wounds and contradictions. Where Satan the murderous lion (1 Peter 5:8) would lie again with the lamb (Isaiah 11:6).

However, it is also possible that this myth was instilled in us (never mind how) in order to push us toward this as a goal in the future, whether indeed we had such faculties or not; this might be the only way such an ideal state could be expressed for those earlier cultures. “The Fall” is a sort of ancient way of talking about the next evolutionary stage in terms that make sense to people who have no concept of evolution.
(Dick’s Exegesis)

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