On your trail


I always hated the city, especially at night. All the beauty of the night sky ruined by bright city lights but for once I don’t mind being in the city for tonight. And all things considered, it’s not a terrible night. The moon is full and is casting its soft light over every shadow it can reclaim from the all-powerful street lights. Before I had any more time to lose myself in my random thoughts I saw her. 10:20 exactly just like the past six days. Every night she’s left work and pulled into her driveway at 10:20 pm exactly. As punctual as ever but her punctuality would be her downfall tonight. She was wearing the same light blue scrubs that she would have to wear to work every day they would look unflattering on most but for her, it just added to her allure. I wondered what was hiding under her baggy scrubs. Tonight would be the night I found out.
I grabbed my bag and slowly slithered to the side of her one-bedroom house. It wasn’t big but it did its job since she lived it alone. Unluckily for me, it only has one entrance so I will have to make my move now. I grab a towel from my bag before throwing it back on my back. I can see her fiddling with her keys to unlock her front door. I have to move now or tonight will be a bust. She finally finds the right and as she sticks the key into the keyhole I slink behind her not making a sound before grabbing her waist tightly with one arm and with my other I cover her mouth and eyes with the towel.
“Make a single fucking sound and I’ll make you regret every decision you’ve made until this point in your life.”
Each word oozes venom as they leave my mouth. She immediately tenses up and I can feel the panic starts to set in as she realizes her situation. She catches me off guard as she stomps my foot. I curse myself for not seeing it coming and if she had weighed more it might’ve been enough to break free. But with her stature, it didn’t feel like much and I just tightened my grip around her waist as she continued to kick and jump in my arms. I leaned down to her ear and whispered
“You have two choices right now continue to fight back and not be using your legs for the next month or stop fucking moving and just maybe I won’t hurt you.”
She stopped moving as soon as my words entered her ear. Such a stupid toy she has no idea what is in store for her tonight.
“Now I’m going to finish unlocking your door for you and we’re going to head inside and if you make this harder than it needs to be I’ll make sure you regret that decision. Now nod if you understand me.”
She slowly nods her head her entire body shivering with fear. I could feel her stomach rising and falling rapidly with her ragged breathing as the reality of her situation sat in for her.
I unlocked the door and pushed her forward letting her know we were walking now. We enter her house and it looks a lot bigger inside than I expected it to. The walls are strewn with handmade art and painting I assume were all made by her and fairy lights littered the roof providing soft ambient light. I lead her to her couch where we both stand in front of it. I survey the living room for a little. It wasn’t much to look at a standard grey couch with a coffee table between it and the tv but at least the tv was nice. I grabbed the towel on both ends and pulled the ends behind her head before tying them together effectively making it a blindfold and gag for her. I remove my hand from her waist believing that she will be cooperative for her own safety. I take off my bag and throw it on her couch taking out some rope first. While I am focusing on untangling the rope I can tell she is getting slightly antsier as if she is waiting for something or a moment to get free. Which just makes me laugh to myself. I go back to untangling the rope and as I am doing that she tries to sprint to the coffee table but she’s not even slightly fast enough to try that. I kick her in the side which throws her to the couch and I can almost hear her wince in pain as she falls into the couch. I finish with the rope and grab her by her hair bringing her face to mine.
“I told you if you did anything stupid you’d regret it didn’t I you stupid bitch.” I say before slapping her across the face.
She lets out a small cry in response to the sudden slap. I pull her back to her feet and begin to tie her hands behind her back as she tries to calm herself down.
“Why are you doing this? What have I done to deserve this?” She asks between deep breaths.
I ignore her question focusing on making sure her arms are tightly tied behind her back. I grab a proper blindfold and a pocket knife from my bag after finishing her arms. I turn her to face the wall and come behind her holding the pocket knife to her neck.
“I’m going to remove the towel and give you an actual blindfold and you will have no gag for the rest of the night. Try anything stupid like earlier and you’ll be getting more than just a kick do you understand me?” I asked as I pushed the knife closer to her neck.
She quickly nods and I take the towel off of her face and replace it with the blindfold. I turn her back around to face me and I can tell she won’t be doing anything else stupid for the rest of the night. I take a step back and look at her for a bit and even with her scrubs on I can see her body coming through them. She looked just as good as the first time I saw her.
It’s been about thirty minutes since I got her inside. We have had more than enough setup. She looks far too good to not take right now I think to myself. I grab her and push her down to her knees. She let out a small gasp at being forced to her knees. I leaned down and whisper in her ear “you’re going to do as I ask tonight and you won’t be hurt do you understand me.” I told her as I ran the knife up and down her exposed arms. She slowly nodded her head. I could feel the fear almost seeping out of every one of her pores as she had no idea what could happen to her next. I unzip my pants and pull out my dick. I had already been as hard as steel this entire time waiting for this moment.
“Open your fucking mouth for me slut,” I boomed at her.
The sudden loud voice startled her but she hesitantly did as she was told. I grabbed her by the back of her head and slid my dick into her mouth. She immediately pulled back. I guess she was expecting something else. I let go of the back of her head and slapped her across her face again this time harder.
“Put it back in your fucking mouth bitch and don’t fucking make me tell you again.”
She hurriedly did as she was told and I grab the back of her head again and shoved my dick all the way into her throat. I made sure she took every inch of me. Her mouth felt like heaven and we had only just begun. I let her head go and she pulled back gasping for air.
“Put it back in your mouth slut. Show me how you’ve sucked all those dicks before me”
She took me back into her mouth with ease. She was effortlessly taking all of me in her mouth and using her tongue. I grabbed her head again and started to fuck her pretty face again. She looked best being used as nothing more than my dumb little fuck toy. I picked her up and bent her over the couch she didn’t resist she already knew her situation. I grabbed her scrub bottoms and ripped a hole in them. And to my surprise, she was soaking fuck wet.
“Such a dumb fucking slut aren’t you. You’re this wet from being taken advantage of and used like nothing more than a little fucktoy. Then I’ll make sure to give you exactly what you want whore.” I grab her restrained arms and slam inside of her from behind making her take all of my dick with my first thrust. She let out a loud gasp and then a moan right after. Such a slut I think to myself as I pull out of her and slam into her again eliciting another unwanted moan from her mouth. I use her restrained arms to fuck her as hard as possible from the back. I start to smack her ass as I am pounding inside of her leaving my handprint all over her ass. She was pretending as if she didn’t like what was happening to her but her moans and how wet she was as I was fucking her senseless like the dumbslut she was said differently. Every stroke felt like heaven she was so warm and wet it took all of my willpower not to finish right then and there but I wasn’t done yet. I flipped her over onto her back and slid back inside of her. I wanted to look at her as I took advantage of every inch of her. I ripped open the top of her scrubs and started to suck her tits as I slid in and out of her. Relishing every stroke as I could tell the end was near but we had all night so who said I had to stop at one. I used one hand to grab her hips and pull her into me with every stroke and her moans continued to get louder with each stroke. I slapped her again as I fucked her this time leaving my handprint on the right side of her face. This elicited another loud moan from her. She was such a fucking slut she was enjoying every minute of this.
“Tell me how much of a slut you are. Let me hear you say how much you like being used like the dumb bitch you are.”
She hesitated and didn’t say anything.
“If I don’t hear you in the next thirty seconds I’m going to stop and you don’t want that now do you slut”
She waited for a little as if she was thinking about it but before I knew it her moans were replaced with the sounds of her telling me how much of a dumb cumslut she was and how she wanted me to take advantage of all of her and fuck her until she can’t walk for the next day. She was a bigger slut than I thought she was enjoying being used like a fleshlight. It’s what she’s wanted. The feeling of her tight pussy hugging my dick with every stroke and her telling me how much a dirty cumslut she was became too much for me. I slammed inside of her one more time before pulling out and cumming all over her stomach and boobs.
I came the hardest I ever had in that moment and almost fell at one point but I was able to keep my balance. I stood up and brought her to her feet and took off her blindfold. We both looked at each other and smiled.
“I told you I’d get you when you least expected it,” I said to her before kissing her. Our embrace becoming more passionate by the second. Who said the night had to be over.

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