Opinion/Thoughts of vaping as a teenager


To whomever this may concern.

I want to preface this by saying I have never experienced a serious addiction, so some of what I can say can be taken with a pinch of salt.

However I am aware of the trials and tribulations that come with addiction. I am familiar with it, at least.

As a person, I sometimes lack empathy, so this might be a little harsh and blunt, I apologise if it is.

I want you to think of vaping from an outside perspective. Come out of the box, if you will. I’m not a fan of illogical commodities, in fact I would say I despise them. Ignore my use of I, please, I don’t write a lot.

This in mind, is why I can’t fathom why someone would vape, or perhaps why so many people do it. Why is it so normalised? I understand the pressures of social norms and wanting to look “cool” in front of your friends or peers. And I’m not saying this as an older person. I’m of highschool age. Do with that what you will, I know I’m immature and young, I don’t know a lot about this world, and maybe that’s why I don’t understand it.

Essentially, a vape is a container full of unregulated or unsafe liquid. But no matter how ‘safe’ it says it is. That’s bullshit. There are 2000 or more different chemicals in a single vape that you’re breathing everyday. The fact is that you are burning totally uncontrolled liquids, causing these toxic fumes, of which taste like only what I imagine to be a grossly overwhelming synthetic fruit concoction.

I’m not saying this to shame anyone who vapes, not at all. Even if I sound like it. I just don’t understand why someone would do something so illogical. Frankly, smoking would even be a safer alternative, bar the risk of lung cancer.

I don’t know if I intend to post this just yet, so sorry if I sound self-absorbed with my overuse of ‘I’.

It’s obscure to me that I have seen barely anyone talk about the effects of vaping compared to smoking. It’s not a ‘safer’ alternative. You know 14 puffs of a vape is equal to smoking 1 cigarette. Then, think about how many people do it in a day. I don’t say this to promote smoking either, however there would even be fewer symptoms from that.

The amount of seizures and wacky things that I’ve heard as a result of vaping is so incomprehensibly concerning.

The fact is, as well, that e-cigarettes and vapes have not even been around long enough for us to see the long-lasting effects of them. For all we know, they could cause cancer, however this would probably not be enough to convince someone who for one, does not care, and or is totally undeterred due to the severeness of the addiction. I’m aware a lot of vapes have nicotine in it, so that is the reason for a lot of its addictive tendencies.

I don’t mean this in a sociopathic way, but I am more spreading this because of my frustration at seeing something so illogical everyday then I am about the health of everyone.

The saddest thing is seeing little children, barely in the double digits, vaping. The fact that we are normalising this to the point that children think ‘it’s ok because it’s safer’ than smoking

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