Ozone is a fine example of a hormetic response. One one hand, damage is being studied with days-long continuous exposure. On another hand, short bursts are known to improve the immune system and promote regeneration (7931849).
The present medical recommendations do not account for this, suffering from a linear/simplification blindness the kind Incerto exposes. Ozone is most available through breathing, and this is where linear thinking initially strikes, by saying that increased oxidative stress must only be bad. There’s plenty of facts to the contrary, so the thought skips to a workaround. Weakness of the model thus results in the idiosyncrasy of drinking the water, applying the ozonated oils and rectal insufflation on one hand, while avoiding any and all lung exposure on the other.
The moral is that we have the various balances, between catalysts and inhibitors, catabolism and anabolism, oxidation and reduction, et cetera. Blindly punching one button is seldom an answer (cf. “*recent studies have suggested that excessive antioxidant increased the mortality and rates of cancer, because it may interfere with essential defensive mechanisms*”). Punching the various buttons might often be helpful though, as it gives a power and basis to physiologic oscillations. The body can be likened to a sound, and the fluctuations of the system, promoted by various and opposite interventions, might be what’s moving the organism forward.
It can be seen as a Time/Change/Death imperative: the system will keep changing, either withing the parameters of what we call “life”, or else, when the sound of it hits a flatline, being helped by fungi and latent viruses withing the parameters of what we call “death”.

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