Parking in front of the entrance to our house


There is this family who live across the street from our house, who have no manners what so ever. They continually park their van in front of our house, blocking the entrance to our house. (They live on a main road, the side road is where we live and there is enough space across the street to park. Across the street is the side of a house that faces the main road, and stretches back like five or six houses on the side street)

We have told them kindly to not to park in front of our house, but the don’t listen. They give you a look like don’t tell us what to do. The funny thing is we’re not. Isn’t is common sense not to park your van in front on an entrance and especially on to a house. They can park before or after the entrance to our house, as there is always space there. But these dick people continually park their dick van in front of our house.

We have had the ambulance come on an emergency and they have had no where to park their ambulance, and they even asked us who’s van is that. We have told them the neighbours keep parking there, and it’s not ours. They were gobsmacked at how stupid people can be.

Once a car parked in front of our house by the neighbours of these rude dick van people, and we left a note in the car, and the people threw the note back into our house. We then put it on their car again, and they threw it back, and then again we put it on and they finally moved.

These people who drive the dick van have kids, I wonder what they are teaching them, when they have no respect or manners themselves. They really are ugly people. Nothing works with them.

We have had someone throw a dirty blood stained duvet into our bin the other day, because they could not be bothered with throwing it away themselves. We had to wear gloves, and dispose of the duvet ourselves at the local skip. Peoples are losing basic manners and respect for their neighbours/other people.

When I talk to ordinary people, they say it is rude to park in front of someones entrance to their home. Which is DUHHHHH!! The van dicks think its okay.

What would you guys do?

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One thought on “Parking in front of the entrance to our house

  1. Jimmy Bob

    I would spray-paint graffiti on the van. Next, I would leave dog poo poo on the super rude neighbor’s doorstep. I would also consider getting a fence so nobody could park cars in front of the entrance. I would then find the person who keeps driving the van in front of the house, flip that jerk over my knee, pull his/her pants and underwear down, and give him/her a painful bare bottom spanking until he learned his lesson. Let’s see him/her try driving a van with a sore butt. Those rude neighbors make life awful and they need to be taught a lesson.


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