People are horrible


The people in my kids’ school district are horrible people. I hate it here, and we can’t move (too many things stacked against us…I mean we COULD move but there are NO houses for sale anywhere that we’d want to move). The people here are racist. I’m not a POC but I cannot stomach people who are racist. They are Anti LGBTQ+. Because anyone who isn’t like them must be wrong. I am thankful two of my kids are older and can’t be swayed by their idiocy. My youngest is in 6th grade, and I’m pretty sure we’re good with her too…I’m just disgusted that she has to be surrounded by it. They are hypocrites, mean, nasty people who yell at kids working during the pandemic when they kids were just following rules and mandates. People do yourselves a favor. LEAVE YOUR HOMETOWN. Get out. Leave. Don’t move back. Don’t be small minded. Don’t be closed minded.

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