It is not necessary that if one has done a lot, got how mamy full marks in boards even is always happy and successful. There are peoples, even working a lot, having a lot experiences, still…unemployed…

Sometimes, parents motivates a lot to join defence even, but when it comes to go outside and work, a NO…why, are they really a a lot possessive for their daughtwrs, that they allow to work onky after marriage if required, why if we are able to earn a bhit may be not a lot but we deserve to love our life atleast a bit of our choice. We are not saying that we are forcefully said to do work, we are doing it with our own choice.
Then why oarents feel guilty in letting us do work? Why they dont think we will be financially independent by doing work? Then why we completed computer engineering? Why only studies and no work from office if got a chance? Tho I believ I am a looser still unempoyed having 0 skills, but have done a lot in past, and atleast a bit if I wish, I can do. Trust your daughter all are not bad and sliggish. They respect everyone and can live without marrying as well. Nothing will happen to them Have trust on your daughters. They will not do love marriage or amy such by which parents hed will fall down. Also please gice more remote works so that majority of girls or females who wants to work but cant work, can work from home. They deserve to be indeoendent. I know parents love their daughters a lot, but let them fly, they have their own life give their freedom and space to fly. Dont be overpossessive. Atleast when they can, let them do.

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