Random thoughts on Jan 28


Government is just a sample representation of the public in a working democracy. Of course, today we have moved far from working democracy, but these choices were ultimately made by the public. To accept or not to accept is still a decision nonetheless. (With the rise of a gray area thought process which suggests that every choices need not be perfect and have upsides and downsides on both parts. This of course does not work when we make decisions. We can’t make half decisions. Its either yes or not. And the decisions are bound to make people take sides.) It was fine as long as people would be concerned. But people are not found to be concerned about government anymore and that is another decision as well. Considering government as irrelevance tries to push government out of the social system and therefore we are seeing so many rise of public voice against government everywhere. What was different with the American productive ages were that people had a good trust on government which can be very easily realized from secondary sources. The reason people are not looking at government as critical are that 1. People have chosen to forget the good things governments had facilitated and 2. Stupid people are entering this powerful sector. Bear in mind the decision was always of the public, public perception of a useless government I think shows lack of understanding of how a system works or is supposed to work. Granted government is a very chained and perplexed system and therefore fully understanding may be difficult. There may have been failures from public or mirrors of public to make people realize this idea. A major place where people get to learn this things is in their school textbook. And that makes the bulk of why social studies is still kept as a important subject to small children.
But because education also is compromised today. I think it stems from a race of people towards money and less towards intellect. Is this stupidity? I mean they are being more productive. They are meeting the demands of society. But what were the demands initially? Money fame power are the tied things that had been incentive since 90s. and People are finding interesting ways to make them come true. One example would be facebook/insta/twitter. The reason people can happily live in them for hours is the same zeal that money/status would have provided back in the day except its in slightly different name but people view in similar manner. But our productivity is not improving anymore. People are fueling scams and millions are easily falling into their trap. The very virtue of scamming others have become a reputed skill. It is the height of stupidity. But what fuels this stupidity? I think a very bare tiktok algorithm of suggestion can make us realize that it is more “Stupidity fueling stupidity”. Stupidity is contagious. And if public generally find themselves in stupid places they would prefer to be with or spend their time listening to other stupid events as well. Now, I don’t mean people are extensively looking out to be stupid, its more like they are enjoying the settings of what we could call a stupid decision. These settings call for less education, as should be expected. Therefore children are not nearly learning enough skills from school before maturing out into the society. This brings a new set of skilled manpower without general understanding of any life subject matter, particularly systems and government.
People are not more productive; they want to feel good by being called productive. They aren’t smart but want to be falsely called so and its fueling more stupidity in the air. All this will change though. I am confident that time will make people realize their weaknesses and make them work hard through them. Regardless of scale of war, there will always be remains and those people will maybe realize the mistakes we have done today and have choice in improving the future. If not, It is still a proven point of Darwin that Fittest survive, and stupidest have to perish.

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