Something that sounds plain yet cut so deep,
I’ve experienced regret for so many times that it’s as if I’m a living regret magnet.
I can’t help but feel as if all bad things that could possibly happen always find it’s way to ruin me like my life isn’t already ruined enough.

Every 3am in the morning, i would find myself laying in bed, regretting all the choices I’ve done 🙁
Have i done something wrong back in past life ?that’s why God is punishing me right now? Am i made to be like this? Choosing the wrong things and pushing the right choices and decisions away. I’m tired 🙁

On tonight’s regret , I’m regret pushing people away for my own greed. Now i see him happy and makes me feel even worse 🙁 could this be jealousy? Hatred? Probably both .

Now I’m here on this platform, maybe i might regret posting stuff like this here too , maybe ?

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