School is ass


The moment i wake my ass up in the morning for school annoys the shit out of me. The only thought i’ll always get is “why am i still alive?” Like i want to fuckin die or something. I want to sleep like the dead, long and deep. And just wake up when everything isn’t shit. Plus, i fucking hate school. School sucks major ballsack. Or maybe i just suck at it. I easily get bored at school. I have friends at school, and shit they also bore the shit out of me. Nothing seems very interesting anymore. I have 2 art classes this semester plus 1 design class. They’re all my “hobbies” but the way the teachers “teach” and give us homework makes me want to blow up the whole fucking school. Like why the fuck am i assigned to create and/or draw something i dont want to? Plus the assignments are very repetitive… i give up.

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