should i be mad


so im just scrolling through facebook and i come across my boyfriends moms post and its her wishing his ex a happy birthday with pictures of them he says its old pictures but whatever we have been together for 3 years and have 2 kids now this just set me off like why would she do that fine post on her page happy birthday but all of a sudden after three yours you post happy birthday to her i see shes looking at his tik tok shit doesnt add up now i want to trust him i should hes never giving me a reason not to but his mother why seems like a slap in my face to me sorry needed to let it out

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One thought on “should i be mad

  1. July

    are you dating his mother? why should you give a crap who she says happy birthday to!?
    in any case, this will fire me up to be the best gf possible to this man so his mom can forget about his ex and wish ME a happy birthday and Merry Christmas, and happy easter, and happy halloween and even fucking HAPPY WOMAN APPRECIATION DAY. Thats where all my anger would go.
    but you can mop about it more… and keep complaining more… men love that…


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