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There’s a “pinball” quality to a creative mind (cf. “novelty search”).
For instance, experimenting with XEN we’ve got a lot of ETH wallets, which brought up “” (as eBay alternative) with MV, which led us to the notion of countries and monopolies as convenient control abstractions, and towards redefining the vision (document) in terms of traceable causality of good, and to devising traceable-good use cases (reddit, Red List of things).
Recovering XEN was also timely for making note of the money (Luke 15:24, “*was lost and is found*”), factoring into ongoing exploration of the abundance mindset.

Imagination, also known as directing the Qi, or the Force, is the environment where the acting spirits and powers and agents dwell. The words ARE the kindling symbols of it. It’s just that they were carefully EXTRACTED and shaped for ease of use in a language. Focusing on just the words is a bit like starting a fire by catching the sun with the looking glass: a smaller kernel can be maintained at half the price in attention. The trick is to UNDERSTAND the favorable “scale of impact”, to hone and develop the “implicit bonds or connections”, or else habits, which link reality and a word.
We’ve mentioned how a powerful word is a “Maxwell’s demon of will”, but the funny thing is that to make the words more powerful we shall LIMIT also the will – to act on just the words, and the words – to remain themselves: carefree, effortless, lightweight… that is, to have a positive Enthalpy of their own, burning brighter and brighter, splitting the atom.
With the right kind or amount or delegation the life would feel like an interesting tactical game: we can pick what to do, what branch of dialogue to take, what kind of emotions to feel, or like in the Majesty series – where and what goals to fund, but having thus made our move we can step back and watch the Interactive Fiction unfold.
(cf. adventure: 2020-03-19, 2020-10-05)

((Clauneck.opus)) compare the pleasure of a snuff film, that of direct authority (which in a rotten society usually fails), with the [“control of society through social norms”]( (usually a [preference of female](, cf. “*She will not have it that she has been weak in this her strongest function*”).
As noted elsewhere, “It might be that a female, by sabotaging the Child of her son, is setting him up for the hook of that Game”. Come to think of it, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” has that scene where the “clowns” want to execute Strange simply because he is more powerful, and this is a lot like some women would react to direct authority of a male. The Secret 2006, emotional hypnosis, is a lot like setting the stage, so that the proper outcome would fall in one’s lap not because we are directly telling it to, but because the game is now rigged that way. Consider also that people living in the “toxic femininity” environment can face a Cold Control sabotage of direct authority, or application of a word. The question can be of whether such direct application of verbal will would be compatible with the “toxic femininity” norms imposed by the Social Panorama.

The first-class invocation of emotion changes the *why* of activity, brings about a different ladder of priorities, catapults us into a kind of abundance mindset; first-class invocation of spirits… “Красные лошади на заре / Били копытами о подоконник”… results in our prepper habits clashing with the emerging Mat 6:25-34; there’s again this yin-yang quality about emotions in the court.
Then again, both the direct and the indirect are routes of signal propagation. The habit of authority creates a “priviledged moment” for the delivery of certain signals. Cialdini notes how there might be a number of alternative opportunities for signal delivery. Why, then, should the signal routes compete?
((kuros: Competition is based on scarcity)) and if we would consider the “Neurons Gone Wild” model, then the networks involved in propagation has much to gain (cf. [John 4:32]( “*I have food to eat of which you do not know.*”)
Consequently (and similar to Peter’s Principle) a network can *evolve* towards routing a signal in a most round-about fashion: it seeks the edge where it can function just barely, squandering and misappropriating as much of the signal as possible.

Nature is not kind;
It treats all things impartially.
The Sage is not kind,
And treats all people impartially.
(Tao Teh Ching)

Burroughs “Do Easy”: DE relates directly to the “effortless action” of 2022-12-11.
[Wu Wei]( is a virtue “*regarded as a reward by Heaven for following its will – as a power that enables them to establish this will on earth*”… in other words, it is merely an outer signal, a “disinhibiting” of Dick! Which can be reduced to a positive feedback loop with a network, and might thus be seen as a trap.
A parasitic development of “Neurons Gone Wild” can work as a “numerical instability”, trampling the idealistic/romantic notion of the perfect network integration.
“Stillness of mind” is an exercise of yang, opposing the natural flow of the forces produced by yin. In the context of “Do Easy”, repeating a failed move until it is smooth and effortless is a similar application of the yang control.
Using hypnotic profiles, we’ve summoned some of the forces which oft oppose and balance each other, and produced a certain turmoil.
Turns out that the governing application of Wu Wei – ‘*Called “rule by non-activity” .. rulers confined their activity “chiefly to the appointment and dismissal of his high officials” .. “conception of the ruler’s role as a supreme arbiter, who keeps the essential power firmly in his grasp” while leaving details to ministers*’ – is very close to our idea of verbal will.
The application of the verbal will and the profiles can be likened to the shadow court summons (cf. [trickster court in WOtR]( the “ministers” do appear, and proceed to enforce policy each in their own fashion.
A lot of our confusion stems from loosing ourselves in the tides, like a fractured mirror. In not remaining in part “impartial”. In loosing the sight of the sides.
A captain’s bridge, elevated over the waves of the sea, is in order.
The point of the effortless action is for it to be effortless. What happened instead, and it’s likely a typical failure scenario, is that the horse would giddy-up the rider, like so much the witch riding Khoma in Viy (cf. 2022-10-05 “old words”).

But if RAGE subsides, it might be like a party children throw – when parents are out of town. ((tolkien: In fact, the reason for the rage is that the child is being asked to stop.))
That is, the “stillness of mind”, oft touted as an easy way, might be akin [to the white-hot blade, the “Seeker rage” of Richard Rahl!](

… So the letters, symbols and runes are a bit like the rings of power, they ((QM: are the conduits of thought; kuros: a form of currency))… lock a part of a soul. The wind/spirit blows where it wishes (John 3:8), but the verbal will is akin to a flute forming specific frequencies from it, or else to the Shiva’s damaru, instrumental in destruction and creation of the world.
It’s not like all the spirits are keen for that kind of reduction. Optimizing the spirit towards reliability and precision might be seen as the “цифровой концлагерь” (digital concentration camp). Come to think of, fitting a living spirit into a pipe of an exoskeleton could be more painful than growing a new one in place, from a cut or a seed.

Earlier (2023-01-07) we wondered why the material magick or miracles are sporadic, intermittent, irregular. On one hand, magick is unusual by definition (if only to those not wielding it!) It’s not even that we require full reliability (particularly when “taking ten” is an option), as much that it might be a key question. Now, if (material) magick is seen as breaking out of habit, stepping out from a prison of concentraded routine, then the capricious, volatile and mercurial ((QM: nature of the phenomena seems understandable.))

Now, the abundance mindset is a bit like magick. It trades off reliability for ((jokester: speed, flexibility and diversity of approach; kuros: the variety of experience)) creativity. It opens the box of Pandora, so to speak. Releases the good fairy from the Abyss.

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