Sometimes live becomes so hard to live!


I’m a teacher and I was loved by my students. They loved my teaching. But every since I changed my school, the new students just don’t co-operate. They say they don’t understand my teaching. If that so, then how my previous students understood!! I think the new students don’t hate my teaching, they hate me!

I am someone who was very proud of my teaching skills, but now it seems my ego got hurt badly, I just can’t bear this pain. Going to school has become a burden to me, which i loved previously.

Anyway, just some garbage that I wanted to dump. Nothing special for anyone.

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One thought on “Sometimes live becomes so hard to live!

  1. Anonymous

    I like that you were able to share this. Despite you feeling like you needed to blow yourself off in the end. Your feelings are valid. I think there’s a loss of confidence with this change you’ve had and perhaps this new environment is more challenging to adjust to. Its always so hard leaving somewhere that’s comfortable and easy. Its also like this second nature I feel like where people just don’t know how to accept new people. I hope its something you are able to navigate and regain your passion. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


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