>be me
>no friends
>find cool youtuber
>watching their content
>finds another youtuber with 2K subscribers
>I like their content
>they have a discord server
>join discord server
>make friends
I finally have friends!
>fast forward a couple months
>douchebag joins the server
>douchebag starts being a complete dick to everyone
>douchebag gets banned multiple times but keeps getting unbanned
>nobody ever found out who despite audit log literally existing
>douchebag becomes friend with a doxxer
>doxxer starts doxxing people in the discord server
>people start leaving, a few even leaving the entirety of discord, some more the whole entire internet
>douchebag obviously has a shit-eating grin IRL
>friend group is falling apart
>oh no.jpg
>eventually he makes everyone an admin and the server get deleted
>still have a few friends left from the incident
>douchebag starts exposing them, making false claims about them
>they get harassed
>they leave the internet
>douchebag then leaves the rest of the friend group, including me alone
this mf just joined a friend group so that i have no friends. fuck you nugget, for ruining everything i worked hard on. i wish i could post this somewhere else but I’m not old enough for 4chan. please just somebody give me a way to cope with this. please.

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