Take back my life


Take back my life. I heard those words in a song. How do you take back your life? Is your life really your life? We are born to need food water and shelter. A little love and community is good too but not much more of anything. When did life require information and connectivity. Why did life require anything more? I’m sitting here at midnight working on trying to make my life better listing out the things I need to do. Work. More work. Knowledge. More knowledge. Money. More money. Wife and kids? They will figure it out. They will be proud of me when I am rich and can buy them everything they don’t need. They will be happy when they read about me on some website stating how successful I am. They won’t mind that I will not spend any time with them. They know that time will come when I have reached my goals and I can cherish their existence. I will give up my life because that’s success. Take back my life. What a joke.

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