The girl who was too afraid to say no


I have always been one to be less vocal about my opinion. I like pleasing others and doing what they want, so that they are happy and get their way.
Now don’t get me wrong I stand up for myself when I feel the need to
but sometimes i’m too scared to tell someone no. it was the answer they didn’t want to hear.
i never intended for it to turn out this way, but there was nothing i could do.
i thought i trusted him.
He kept asking for the same thing every single time we saw each other and i kept saying no
all he ever would do is ask me when i would be ready to do it
he knew i didn’t want to do it
but i was too scared this time to tell him no.
i really thought i could trust him, but he did it anyways
in one night i had many things taken from me, but i never thought it would have happened how it did.
it made me feel disgusting that i gave into a man who i was too afraid of and couldn’t say no to, because i knew how he would’ve reacted.
he frightened me and controlled me but i still thought i could trust him.
it was the lowest of all lows. i’ve never been the same since then.
i wish i could go back to that night and not be afraid of that man and be able to tell him no.
but it doesn’t always work out the easy way.
He had a hold on me, and i had no voice with him

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