The Human Experience


We all long for relationships, laughter, and other humanly emotions. While I find myself enjoying these moments, I’ve come to realize that the human experience is our biggest enemy. The issue with the human experience is that it allows disturbance and frustration in our lives just as much as it allows gratitude and joy. Because of this, we are able to develop traumatizing experiences that stay with us for the rest of our lives. I’m sure that there is a better approach to life than simply longing for emotion. Emotions are fake and often lead us in the wrong direction. Some may luck out, but why take the chance? It seems illogical and quite frankly, it’s not worth it. I find myself gaining the deepest fulfillment when I set out an objectively reachable goal and accomplish it. Learning new things about the reality we live in. These are things I can always look at and feel contentment towards. No one can take that away from me. In addition, I am in full control as to whether or not I reach these goals.

Humans have always made coping mechanisms to deal with fear. I believe religion is a perfect example of this. Religion is fundamentally everyones coping mechanism for death. The worst part is that whenever religious people face a difficult time in their lives, they seek god instead of confronting reality. Learning how to deal with things in the world of reality is by far the most sustainable and reliable way of handling things. Religion, and mainly christianity, is what I believe to be a fictional representation of what humans are capable of god. Satan represents the evil that humans can be, while god represents the good humans can be. There has never been a supernatural evil event to take place. There has never been a sighting of satan. There has never been a sighting of god (Eyewitness testimony in the years humans “saw” Jesus is not evidence). It’s all just a fictional representation of the things us humans are capable of expressing. Which explains why religion is flawed fundamentally – so many ideas in religion are based off of feelings and not logic, and unfortunately, has breaded a species that have become overrealiant on how they feel.

I guess my point with all this is to stop trying to find a feeling, and start taking full advantage of your existence in this universe. We are in a reality that no one can fully explain. Do your best to understand it and become apart of it, instead of hoping you feel a certain way today. Your feelings will be the death of you.

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