The Hunt


I stumble in the dark woods, the unmistakable sound of footsteps echoing behind me. “Who’s there?!” I shouldn’t have left the party. Why did I go off on my own? No answer. I turn back ahead, my flashlight illuminating a pair of black boots seconds before I slam into a hard body. “A—”A hand squeezes my throat hard and a deep voice growls in my ear. “Don’t princess. Not yet.” Not yet? I struggle, but his strong arms pin me. “I want to play with you baby….and from the look of that dress…you want to play too.” I let out a choked protest as I slap at his chest. “You have one word. One word to make it all stop. Red. If you don’t use it….I’m going to use you. So run fast little one..” Use me? This stranger….thinks hunting me down like prey wins him the right to fuck me? I punch at him again but as I do, I can feel his dick twitch against my stomach. “If you don’t use it…I’m going to fuck your wet little pussy and fill it up with my cum.” My heart is pounding so loud I can hardly make out his words, my instincts already telling me to run. To scream. To get away. “I bet youre tight….” He licks my cheek. “Ready…..set…” He shoves me forward in the dark, snatching my flashlight from me.


For one moment I am frozen unable to believe this is happening to me. To. Me. An then I’m running, running through the dark as I struggle to control my breathing, to 𝗦 𝗘 𝗘. My foot catches on a root & I cry out as I fall against a tree and use it as leverage to keep moving. 𝑌𝑎𝑛𝑘. I scream as my hair is pulled so hard my head snaps back and I’m falling to the hard ground. “Stupid little whore…” His body is so heavy, so much larger than mine as he falls on top of me and pins me to the hard ground. “I bet it wanted me to catch you didn’t you slut”
“Get off me!!” My fists are flying, connecting to him though I can’t see where the blows land. My legs kick at his legs as I try to push him away. “That’s it….keep fighting…fuck give me more.” Terror squeezes hot tears into my eyes as I unleash myself on him. Slapping, clawing, punching.
S L A P.
A choked sob leaves me as he slaps me hard. Before I can fully recover his fist connects with my cheek next. There are stars behind my eyelids as I groan, cradling my cheek. The unmistakable sound of a zipper is loud in the darkness. “NO! No no!” I shove myself up and bite him, wherever I can. Hitting again and again until I feel his hands take hold of my wrists and pin them down hard. “Take it slut….take all of me..” I scream, arching as I feel his cock rip into my pussy. My legs spread wide as he moves in me. I can feel every vein on his cock, every hard thick inch as he brutally invades my body. And I know, I know I can scream that one word. “Fuck! You are tight….and so fucking wet…” I sob. I don’t want to hear it, not his dirty words, and not the sound of our bodies colliding as he fucks me. He’s panting, groaning, moving his much larger frame up and down mine. His hips rocking back and forth, slamming into me again and again. “STOP IT! It….h—….hurts! Please! It hurts!” My pleas are met with a dark chuckle and a moan full of lewd dark pleasure. “Tight as a fucking virgin, but you’re not….are you whore?” My pussy is throbbing, clenching down tight as my back aches from how hard he fucks into me. “You’re so fucking wet, and you can stop this. You could stop it right now. But you want this because you’re a sick slut.” “I’m not! Get off me!” I yank a hand free and strike him, shoving hard. But I feel how hard his cock is, how it twitches deep inside me, and he only fucks me harder “Fuck! I can feel your juices coating my dick…so….tight.” Tears are rolling down my face as I claw at him. I can feel that cock as it pops in and out of me, hitting deep each time, every thrust designed to violate me. Own me. I scream, my voice ringing into the night as I cum unexpectedly. A tidal wave of pleasure hitting out of nowhere as I soak his cock with my juices. My body arching as hard hips slam into mine and his thrusts become as animalistic as his moans. “I’m going to fucking breed you.” No. No. Nonononono…. “DONT!” But I feel it. I feel his cock pulsate as he empties himself deep inside me. My sobs mix with his groan of release as I go limp against the cold forest floor. “Good girl.” A kiss. Part of me is disgusted by the kiss and an even bigger part of me is utterly comforted. As he leaves me there, utterly fucked out of my mind, on the cold forest floor. I wonder which of us is the true pervert. The stranger, for hunting down a female and abusing her. Or me……for loving every secondnd.

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