The New World


What would happen if a millionaire, a time traveler, a hitman and a teenager with a false identity tried to face someone who wants to take over the world? It’s a quirky and eccentric combination. A combination resembling a lit match and a big pile of wood. It can backfire and ruin the perfect life you had planned, from what you were going to eat the next day to what your children were going to be called.

Tuesday October 26, 2022. Kiev, Ukraine. C2 Line.
Two corpses were lying next to him. Maybe it was his fault, after all. He blamed himself for what happened back then, and still, he didn’t want to accept it or believe it.

But in the end, it was true.

He heard some screams nearby, in a language that didn’t sound Ukrainian. He had no bullets or options left, so he decided to hide under a destroyed bed, covered in ashes. And, as he thought, those screams were from Russian soldiers.

When the Russian soldiers were about to leave, they heard some kind of sound in the basement and fell into a strange machine that began to move with force. He tried to open the door, but it was impossible.

A few minutes later, he was finally able to open it. When he opened it, kyiv was not covered in flames and sadness. In fact, it didn’t even look like kyiv. There were very tall white buildings with blue windows. Houses could also be seen, completely similar to those buildings. He looked around, trying to find an explanation, when he saw an advertisement that said: “2112 is your year!” in Polish. He turned around, and the machine was gone.

Tuesday October 26, 2112. Warsaw, Polensia (New Poland). C2 line.
A guy dressed in a fir brown suit and with the hair shaved to perfection, was looking down from the balcony of a twelfth floor, waiting for something in specific. He was holding a ceramic cup from which a little smoke came out, making it clear that it was hot. Then he turned around and said:
“Hey, bro, have you already gone for the pineapple?”
Or at least that was what Minka understood, since he wasn’t very good at reading lips.
He was on an ultra super secret spy mission, waiting for a pace thief to leave the building.
“I don’t know why they made you come with me. I can do it alone,” the rookie who was solving his first case said. “You are a homicide detective.”
“What a pity.”
“What was your name?”
“Minka Bajorek.”
The rookie looked at him and laughed.
“Girl’s name? Did your parents not love you?” he pondered before laughing again.
“It’s enough. Keep an eye on the suspect…” Minka looked towards the balcony and saw that he had disappeared. “We lost it because of you!” The veins on his neck stood out, which scared the stupid newbie. “Go find him,” he ordered.
The newbie shook his head and Minka said the same thing again, but he refused to do it, again.
“Follow my fucking orders, newbie.”
The rookie gulped. His eyes widened and his smile faded.
“I can’t go look for him… because he’s dead.”
Minka turned around and just below the balcony was the same man in the fir brown suit, dead, on the ground. Blood was coming out of his head at great speed.
“Now the one in charge of this is me…” Minka whispered.
The newbie called an ambulance and the police meanwhile Minka approached the corpse. Strangely, he was already completely pale.

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