The sword despises every such stick


“*The harvest is the end of the age*” (Mat 13:39).
It is often the assumption that

AI: the end of the world will be a final battle, or a grand apocalyptic event. But what if it is a gradual process, like the decline of the empire, or the death of a marriage?
What if, instead of a war, there is a process

The “age” (αἰῶνός) could be the one of Pisces, or simply of a technological paradigm.

AI: A “harvest” is a harvest of wisdom, as opposed to a harvest of grain.

Our point though, is that people tend to focus on the agents of the harvest, the messengers (ἄγγελοί). Which is a kind of a learned helplessness, a mindset which is passive and not proactive, a lack of agency and volition.
“*El sueño de la razón produce monstruos*.”
This lack of agency and self-organization is precisely the sleep (καθεύδειν) which plagues humanity (ἀνθρώπους, Mat 13:25).

Now, the separation of wheat from chaff (ζιζάνια, Mat 13:30) needs not to be more than the “survival of the fittest”. The agents of Apocalypse, the horsemen and the angels, are but the faces of a much simpler principle. Those capable of thinking and killing – will survive into repository (ἀποθήκην, Mat 13:30) of a new age. Those who learned to be asleep and afraid – will burn. Our culture is, indeed, reversed: those who wish to repose in the heavens, the proponents of pious consumerism, are like the insulin-crazy, plastic-fed and cancerous fat.
“*Should we rejoice in the scepter of My son? The sword despises every such stick.*”

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