Third covid vaccination and escorting


I recently got my third covid vaccination dose, I know im a little late, but I have had some health issues and I have been travelling for work. This third dose has really given me a sore arm and a slight fever. I could not sleep last night and was tossing and turning – except for the side I got my vaccination. My arm hurt way too much to lay on it.
I know based on the last two covid vaccinations that this pain is only for a few days.

I want to get back into escorting, and I am looking at listing a profile on popular escorting sites. I miss the random hook ups and not knowing what your going to get. The bad part of the job is putting up with clients that have no manners, and only seeing me as dick they can just ride. It is getting more and more difficult to get clients, not many women are looking to hire an escort and they come few and kinda far between. I wish there were more women looking for us.

The best part of escorting is when you get passed round by a client that enjoyed your service and they introduce you to other women. There have been instances where you get invited to private parties and orgies. It can get very fun, but you can’t be picky when it comes to this type of job, you have to get with whoever comes through, no matter what they look like or behave like. You can ask them to take showers when they come in, but only if you feel like they really need it.

Drugs are free flowing – Cochin being snorted off dick, tits, bellies and just about any other surface. Drinks are flowing and sex rampant. It can get too much and there is only so much play you can take – but it’s fun every now and then. On a good day I can make £400 – £700 pounds, women wanting me for weekends or holidays – they pay me a very good amount £3k – £5k

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