this is sad but i need to say it about jeffree star and this is just my opinions


he stalks a lot of women for men to be gay as him . he gets involved in abuse victims private business from childhood and calls them stinky etc , to me because I said the man who raped me stank and was like a slab of cement . he will get wound into others private business and i think this is how a lot of these scum ball famous people stay famous and rich to be honest. cuz he was in my home town and he is a bully by nature. he knows nothing about my child hood abuses and wants to throw a label at me out of jealousy and what he needs to understand is the man who raped me is right for me and he was mentally ill and criminal. in time I hope more victims come forward and what you need to understand is they that rich famous people pick on little kids and girls who are molested use any info against them for decades and try to justify it when it cant be justified at all cuz I know I was set up as a child and by a evil therapist who was a nut case and also I know I was demonically attacked and they have ways of doing this.

these people are weak deep down. that gay men need bully, abuse and try to hold your childhood against you like you are a criminal for life when you were the victim over and over again and no one ever listened or cared.

when you stink yourself. and I really pity that little girl who abused by that group and I know more will come out for sure.

it hurts me to say this because I sincerly found it insulting for someone to say to me that star was a girl (yet a man) who had every thing and nothing at the same time and I think from my own absues of what was done to me as a child and teenager and young adult these poeple who do leave victims just like that a messy mixed up person with sexual abuse issues they been seeing and paying therapists for like decades and getting no where.

like star should know better then to but into others child hood abuses anyway. and he wan’t to be momma to every young guy and steal every man and I am sick of both slut women and men , gay and rich mongrels out there abusing the system.

your doing an evil thing doing this in groups when you should care about abuse victims suffering alone for decades with your money. you should care.

I am not even a fan of jeffree stars. and I would say he has wrecked the make up world and made women feel butch and ugly out of jealousy when people like him and bowie and other useless asshole faggots like elton john should go mind their own business.

you dirty creature. sop terrorising and human trafficking people to steal men all the time !

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