i (f) first met the guy i like over a year ago and we’ve been connecting though messaging and video call ever since. it’s kind of obvious that we like each other, the way we interact with each other gives it away immediately. the first time we met it was actually in real life, but we used to live really far away from each other until very recently when i moved to his area. for this reason, we didn’t discuss our interest in each other, since not being together in person wouldn’t have changed our relationship status considering we were already pretty close. we met after i moved into the vicinity and it’s all been going pretty great, i’m still trying to adjust to this new place. thing is i’m also great friends with someone in his family and these interesting details about his past relationships have just come up while talking to this person. i’d say it’s important to note that him and i are the kind of people who would only date someone if we for sure envisioned a future with them, we take relationships seriously and don’t do casual ones. back to the past relationships, the weird aspect of that wouldn’t be that he was not treating the other person well, it would be that the other person manipulated and played him while he was being utterly oblivious to that fact. from what i’ve heard, he wasn’t that serious about dating these girls, which is weird considering his values. up until now, after taking to him for all this time, of course i’ve noticed he does have shortcomings and he’s not perfect, but i haven’t made out any red flags. recently i’ve noticed i think i actually love this guy and i do see myself actually being with him, but of course i’m not rushing into anything as i’m adjusting to my new environment. what do you think about this situation and how should i go about it since i’m so emotionally invested in this person? what do you think is a good way of observing him and taking note of what he thinks about relationships?

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  1. Anonymous

    I would suggest you to sit and talk it out, if both of you are expressive people. If you don’t think this is going to work, you just have to trust him.


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