“Time is fleeting” is something I have heard in the past yet, whenever I hear it, it always brings forth the same emotions and thoughts; nothing. I never think of anything whenever it is mentioned in a movie, TV show, or any other sort of media, but that does not mean I still don’t think about what it means at some other point in time. I always think about time and how it is always going, never stopping, but what can I do? What people say is “enjoy the present” but honestly, I enjoy thinking about my past and thinking about a future that is likely not going to happen instead of thinking about now. Time is quite literally everything in life, with time, comes life, death, and everything in between. Often times writers for shows and movies will try to incorporate time travel within their respective media, but honestly, I think it will never work out a hundred percent. If a character goes back in time, will they still be in their timeline? Will they create a new one? Are they the original of themselves and the first to go back in time? Do they have a future or only a past they can go to? Time travel is something everyone wishes they could do, maybe it is a reason why it is often implemented in places it shouldn’t be. We all wish we could change things, we all have things we regret, even if we don’t, we are still curious about what our lives could have been if we had done that, or not done it. Should we have taken the risk? Should I have asked them out? Should I have done this or that?

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