To the guy that #metoo’d me


You know what you did to my mind, body, and spirit. it’s disgusting that not only do you refuse to own up to the terrible things you did to me but you shave also somehow convinced your partner that you are a saint when you are the furthest thing from one. She called made me out to be a liar and smeared the reputation of anyone who comes out about the things you did to me. Your partner’s posts show what they fully understand what you did was wrong and what could happen if you just told the truth, and either they refuse to accept that you did something unforgivable or you are stringing them along. You are a coward and they can’t pull their head out of their backside. The worst part is that in person you are so happy to see me and you act all friendly like to didn’t do one of the worst things a person could do, like you expect me to just forget what happened.

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