True Friend


I realize now all you wanted someone like your daddy. That was the only way you’ll ever be happy.
He was the one who helped you get shit paid for. But that wasn’t what I was looking for.
You were so fake with your true intention. What you wanted was all you could mention.
No matter how many times you told me things would change. What you did makes me feel like it was all an exchange.
You would always say what you thought I wanted to hear. You’d show me what I didn’t have before, and kept me near.
I should have realized the truth when you refused my sympathy. You’d always I don’t know what it’s like to live miserably.
The reality is that’s all you caused for me. Its just sad that’s exactly what I couldn’t see.
But I finally got new glasses. The ones you broke were like emotional flashes.
Every day I relive the irrational thoughts you implanted in me. I live through the day asking for mercy.
I always questioned why I’d always get the blame. Your excuses were never any bit sane.
I never wanted to be made the bad guy. Especially when I’m guilty before I can testify.
I guess the saying is true. Your actions will always speak louder than you.
In the end I’ll climb and I’ll stand my ground. Because I don’t have you to hold me down.
I’ll be grateful till the end. You taught me about how to find a true friend.
Cuz they won’t let you burn out. That’s all, I’m just getting the word out.

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