Unable to fit in this world


I want to say something anything to ease my pain. All my pain and stress arise because I am unable to say it. I haven’t done anything wrong but I am always looked at as a culprit. I don’t waste my time but since I don’t say it to the people or defend myself or even juat say anything I look like a fool and idiot. People like happy talkative person to whom they would talk and not feel as Thiugh they are talking to a wall. I am a wall though. I am being wronged by them yet I can’t say or question them cause I don’t know how to do that lightly. I take everything to heart and am Serious about everything. While I also don’t try to get praised. Then they come to tell me I am wasting my time or sitting around doing nothing when it was them who said I shouldn’t do it. Even the I try to look for somethings to do. I want to say I am not the one at fault you are. But how can I do that. I am not sure. I hate being a human. I am bad with the interaction. I am trying but everyone in the one tells me how they are disappointed. They say that ;cause I am not showing any reactions therefore; I am not acknowledgeing them. While the truth is I am. I just don’t know how to say it. It’s not 1st time it been happening since I could comprehend. I never fit in. I want to. I really want to though

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