Went to a Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022 game


Let me just start by saying Qatar is a beautiful country. Really. The corniche, the boulevard, Lusail, the souks and other places around Qatar are beautiful. Everywhere is so clean. The food is good, the people are nice, police kind & helpful, the entertainment is good, and you can tell the country are trying their best to put on a great show. So far everyone has been enjoying the tournament, and contrary to what we all thought before the world cup started, it has been going very well. The issues we thought would be a problem like transport, crowd control, strictness and so on has not really been felt.

The game we went to was yesterday and we started by going to the metro. The metro was clean, had loads of people to help and guide, lots of security that let us have fun and everything was well labeled. The metro train was really clean and seats were comfortable. The metro is free for people with Hayya cards (to get one you need a match ticket). We were going from one side of the country to another. The metro had rest rooms, prayer rooms, food outlets and plenty of seating. When we left the metro there were people guiding us to our buses to go to the stadium. Each bus corridor was labeled and we were told to go to 15. We got there and loads of buses were parked up and ready to let us on, once we go on they made their way to the stadiums.

Qatar allocated a special bus/taxi lane to get people from the metro to the stadium as quickly as possible. One thing is there are traffic lights that sometimes take forever to change (there are intersections with right and left turns as well as straight ahead, so had to wait for was side to go). Once we got to the stadium, again there were people guiding us to the entry, it was so simple and smooth. They checked out tickets and Hayya cards and we went through security. One of the officers made me empty out my tissue paper in my pocket lol. The gates were clearly labeled and there were stewards showing us to the gates. Once in, it was so easy to find our section and seats. The entry process was so easy.

On exit again it was so easy. One thing was that taxis are not allowed within a certain area of the stadium so you have to walk a little distance to get to them. We did not take the bus back to the metro and use the metro. Was in a rush to head to another game. Overall Qatar is doing a great job, the games are good, the stadiums and crowd control etc.. are impressive.

Overall it was a great experience, just being in the country at this time feels magical. The whole country is celebrating the world cup. There are beautiful decorations everywhere in public places related to the world cup, it makes everything feel so special. Qatar is special.

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