What should I do?


I’m 30 years old, I have been 7 years with my GF and less than a year of being married with her. I was very in love with her, but recently I started to have some strong feelings with a girl I work with, I work with her 9 hours at day, I see her all day and it works at my side, so it’s really difficult to keep some distance. She’s somewhat interested in me but she doesn’t want anything “major” with me because I’m married. I’ve been struggling with those feelings for around 10 months now because, right now my feelings are more strong for my coworker than for my wife.

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4 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. July

    My friend, these feelings will pass.
    I too have had a quick episode of coworker hotness that lasted about 2 years. I even started working out fully in hopes that she would like me more if i was fit. (mind you i was already married).
    I did everything to try to make all that a reality. Nevertheless, its a fake relationship my friend.
    I started to notice that my TRUE relationship with the woman I married was declining and i got met with the oh-so-nice crossroads of life. I had to make a choice between my happiness and my family. At that point it was an easy decision.
    If i married my wife its because she makes me a happy man. The decline of our relationship started around 2 years after meeting that coworker so i had to think real hard if I was somehow fueling our divorce thoughts. Turns out I may have but not completely (there was some inside marriage issues that might of affected the situation atm) and with that knowledge, i embarked on a journey to be the husband my wife wanted and looked up to by focusing mainly on me and succeeding where i fail before, taking command of the family, and going above and beyond for my family’s needs. Im sure my wife noticed the difference because our marriage has been growing strong since then and now i need to tell her to give me a day off from sex from time to time XD

    I cant determine if its better for you to leave your marriage or stick with it, but what i CAN tell you is that there is no guarantee that youll be happy with whatever decision you make, If you dont start working on yourself first. If you do, everything else will fall into place.
    Introspect on what you want out of your partner and write down key points on what you want out of your relationship. And dont compare women with those points because you cant be too picky either. If you feel like one of them is hitting a couple points to your satisfaction, you know shes a good person to pick to support you on your journey. Quick hint: your wife might have a lot of your points (unless you picked her for her looks)
    Hope I helped a bit


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