What to do


There nothing I could do.
What am I suppose to do now
why life is so unfair .
Am I getting punished for something
I was happy
I had friends
And I have nobody to tell this to
I want to talk to someone
But at the same time I don’t
I don’t want them to try to help me
Or feel bad for me
I just want to talk
Tell this to someone
I feel kinda dumb
And hopeless
I don’t wanna feel sad
Or angry
I just want to feel nothing
I envy sociopath or psychopath i think
The one that doesn’t feel
I just want to answer “I’m not “
When someone ask me how am I
But I can’t
Or won’t
I don’t want the to feel uncomfortable
Or obliged to ask me what’s wrong
I don’t want to put this pressure on someone
I thought about seeing a psychiatrist
But people around me says I’m fine
So I should be , right
I don’t want to talk with my parents
They’ll get to emotional
I just feel incomplete
I’m sick but not enough to kill me
And for some reason
I would like it to be lethal
I don’t see myself getting old
I’m a bit bored or life
Maybe If I was rich it wouldn’t be the same
But I’ll never be
This is hard
I want to tell this to someone so bad
But who
I don’t know

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