What women should do if they get moody??


What women should do if they need care or attention from their partner and he is very selfish in taking care of himself.His surrounding, routines ,his needs all should be fulfilled in perfect way. Should women begg for their care?? or should wait for their good mood??.How can they force sometimes without women’s concent.But women need permissions,have to statisfy a set of rules or sometimes a set of questions,else provoking words.
Whatever its says to be friendly society to women,she is always in a cage of questions, which will open for someone’s need

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1 thought on “What women should do if they get moody??

  1. Anonymous

    sounds like you would benefit from therapy. not because you have an issue, but because the situation might be more complex than it sounds, and youll get good strategies and support you need and deserve.
    anyway sounds like working on communication and negotiation could help.
    but keep in mind that those 2 things, specially when men are involved, are very hard for men. not because theyre bad.
    im a man and ive struggling for long to improve mine.


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