Will I ever be successful in life?


Will I ever be successful in life? There are so many factors to this question. One – it depends on what God wills for us. Two – It can also be mindset. You can be suffering and struggling under the pressures of life, like things never going your way for years. You can be suffering from depression or other metal health problems.
When things like this go on for years it can really get to you and narrow your vision. You become angry and start hating everyone because nothing happens for you. When you start showing your signs of suffering, like being passive or so troubled that you’re not there in the moment and you’re always a few seconds (or minutes) behind current time, you are laughed at and humiliated. Life really starts to hurt and you don’t know what can help you get out of the mental state you’re in and back to normality. When you really lose yourself, you can’t find anything you enjoy.

How can you focus on a business and try and be successful when all you need is a break from all the shit and can’t get one. Your aim becomes getting money (so you can get as far away from your problems as possible) and that never works in becoming successful.

When people see your weakness, instead of helping, they tear the wound open wider. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

What is my way out? How do I become successful? How am I going to catch a break after all these years of misery and difficulty? What is my direction and will it be a good one?

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